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‘Arlene Shechet: Meissen Recast’ at the RISD Museum

“We have the Monkey Band!” A chance meeting of like-minds at the NYC Freize Art Fair in 2012 was the moment of inspiration for an idea that resulted in an extraordinary exhibition which opened last week at the RISD Museum … Continue reading

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Secrets of New York: SOHO

Although my love affair with New York City started much earlier, I moved to NYC full-time in 1984. The city has changed a lot in those 30 years – some for the better and some, well, not for the better. … Continue reading

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A ‘New’ Old House on a Pond

Photo credit Gross & Daley The initial telephone call inquired about my interest in working on a “home on a pond in Westchester”. It was many months later the prospective clients came into NYC to meet with me to talk about … Continue reading

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Looking Backwards To Move Forward

Here are 2 ways to start the New Year; Make a list of resolutions from a place of resignation, recognizing that you will likely fail at keeping. Or, INVENT the FUTURE!

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