Before & After: Michael Kors

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 AFTER – Entry Foyer

site visit 10-27-05 BEFORE


Everyone seems to enjoy seeing ‘BEFORE and AFTER’ images of interiors – in this case the AFTER images are of Michael Kors and Lance Lepere’s apartment. (The BEFORE photos are from the previous owner – an Emmy Award winning television personality.)



AFTER – Entry Foyer

site visit 10-31-05 006




kitchen1c copy

AFTER – Kitchen

site visit 10-31-05 021





AFTER – Living Room

site visit 10-31-05 024BEFORE



New Image3

 AFTER – Fireplace

site visit 10-31-05 030BEFORE




AFTER – Bookcase

site visit 10-31-05 023




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AFTER – Dining Room

site visit 10-31-05 028





AFTER -Master Bedroom

site visit 10-31-05 056




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  AFTER – Master Bathroom. 

site visit 10-31-05 065



Finding an apartment can be a daunting task for anyone, but having a vision, and VERY high standards can make the process all the more challenging!

Michael Kors and Lance Lepere looked at every apartment listing that held any promise over a very extended period of time, within a tightly defined geographic area, before finding this apartment.

As you can see in the ‘Before’ images, the place did not ‘show well’; however, Michael and Lance could see through the ‘rustic rural pastiche’ to see that the ‘bones’ could work for them – together we made it come to life.

Michael Kors was my first client. I had the pleasure of working with him on many projects large and small over a long period of time, however, this was a particularly meaningful project for me.  In addition to expressing the very specific point of view of a style leader, it was also to be a home for my long-time friend, and his partner.

It has been wonderful to witness Michael and Lance’s happiness together in this apartment.


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6 Responses to Before & After: Michael Kors

  1. Mary Pezzaro says:

    Hi Glenn–I love seeing before and afters. What a gorgeous transformation! Congratulations on a wonderful project. Best, Mary Pezzaro

  2. good lord……………….
    Hard to believe it’s the same space.

    • Glenn Gissler says:

      Thank you for your comments Melinda! Professionally I am called a designer but really I think of myself as an ‘alchemist’ seeking to transform living spaces by using architecture, furniture, lighting, and a little bit of magic to create comfortable atmospheric spaces

  3. Gregg Lempp says:

    its a beautiful space and what a change from before.

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