— and my Collection of ‘Enduring Pieces’


TOM DIXON Very Rare Bull Chair


The arts, in all their guises, have been a lifelong interest and passion of mine and inform my interior design projects. I carefully layer pieces from various time periods – often with classic furniture forms — to create spaces that are warm, supremely comfortable, with the aspiration they will transcend time.

InCollect, a new and very handsome on-line destination for enthusiasts of art, antiques and design, asked me to browse their collections and select items that appealed to my aesthetic. Here are some of my selections….

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My criteria for inclusion was to look for objects that have distinctive silhouettes and are ‘bi-lingual’ – that is to say the objects that speak to the time they were made, while speaking to today – a sign for me that the object or work of art has, and will endure over time. For me fine Art (with a capital ‘A’) is one of the greatest luxuries one can give themselves – offering another view on life.

To see the all of my selections from the InCollect collection, follow the link below;

Glenn Gissler’s Top InCollect Picks: Enduring Pieces



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