Gramercy Park Apartment – NYC

  • A lively striped carpet in tones of cinnamon and cream provides a basic palette and ground for custom and antique furniture, including a black-painted Moroccan stool of the Victorian era.


These engaged and willing clients, a couple moving from California, sought to create an interior in their prewar Gramercy Park two bedroom – with keys to the Park — that would express emotion, even passion. One of the clients was from South Africa and possessed some heirlooms belonging to his grandfather, including a grand piano and artworks, forming an interesting family legacy which introduced color and and a certain exoticism into the apartment.

Instead of using the second bedroom as a guest room, we chose to create a den for work and entertainment; this has turned out to be a delightful and much-used room.

The couple are master chefs, and multi-course dinners with carefully selected wines were a priority. We created a dining area with a banquette; a closet was transformed into a stunning bar. We furnished the terrace with pieces from Restoration Hardware, making of it another place for dining.

By actively engaging these gastronomic connoisseurs in the design design process, their evolving visual sense came to be reflected in the colors, textures and objects of this highly personal apartment.