Pied-à-Terre – Greenwich Village, NYC

  • A provenance with panache: this Italian walnut Baroque chest of drawers, 19th century with 18th century elements, is from Loring House, Massachusetts, home of the Codman family.


The Ottoman Empire, with its richly figured carpets and ornaments, was the vision this Colorado couple had for their two-bedroom condominium in a Greenwich Village building renovated by designer Victoria Hagan, who had preserved its prewar character.

We decided to articulate the room separations by using casings, moldings, and a portiere to create a greater sense of sequence to the rooms. To further emphasize room separations, we changed coloration from one room to the other, with the entry  lacquered a vivid cinnabar. Judiciously placed mirrors expanded and lightened the spaces.

The clients were very interested in vintage textiles, so we introduced layering of Persian rugs and embroidered or tapestry wall-hangings. A selection of patterned textiles, woven or embroidered rather than printed, and often antique in appearance, are carefully juxtaposed. Many of the upholstery and pillow fabrics are actually new, but they have a luscious, aged look.

The result is not a recreated Turkish interior, but a place where imagined travel meets the incomparable comfort of home, in this case, a second one in one of the most charming neighborhoods New York City has to offer.