Waterfront Residence, Westchester, NY

  • Rebuilding the house from virtually the ground up, we redesigned the elevations with multiple windows to augment symmetry, natural light and views. A stately curving gravel drive leads to the entry.


These clients, empty nesters, desired what Glenn calls “a new old house,” a residence with all the charm–including the detailing, stone and millwork–of a 19th century house, but the amenities of a contemporary one. The siting of this 1960s house was magnificent; it overlooked Kirby Pond and Long Island Sound in a neighborhood of beautiful late 19th and early 20th century houses. But massive renovation was necessary to create an aura of age as well as to effectuate modern conveniences. From the footprint of a generic Colonial-style house, we forged a house redolent with late 19th and early 20th century architectural references which meshed with the ethos of the early houses nearby.

Windows and doors were added, especially to emphasize views of the pond, and the layout was reconfigured, with some room additions, notably the vaulted-ceilinged dining room. The master bedroom, with his and hers bathrooms, remained downstairs, while one of three bedrooms upstairs was converted into an office for the lady of the house.

In furnishing the house, we made use of some pieces already owned by the clients, as well as selecting antique furniture that had patina and character, not necessarily heavily pedigreed. Rugs throughout the house were custom, and included some interesting techniques of fabrication, including braiding and hooking. The overarching decorative effect of these rooms is a kind of restrained, even reductive American Colonialism, a fresh interpretation of the style with a light streamlined touch.