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Making the Case for Portières

Portières were an essential element in homes of the high Aesthetic Movement of the 19th century, and have long been of interest to me.  These curtains, hung in a doorway or over the doorless entrance to a room, add warmth and … Continue reading

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The Un-Usual Suspects

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to share a bit about 15 of the distinctive and inspirational people I have met on-line (and some in person) who have helped to shaped my on-line life, and enriched my experiences … Continue reading

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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? At age 13, while in school in a very comfortable suburban midwestern community, my class was given an assignment on careers. I researched interior design; more specifically the kind of … Continue reading

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In 1994 Chris Casson Madden asked me if she could photograph some of the bathrooms at the beachfront property I designed for Caroline Hirsch – there are 7-1/2 bathrooms in the house so she had a lot to choose from….

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Van Day Truex, & ‘Truex American Furniture’

Van Day Truex (1904-79) may be the most significant interior designer that you have never heard. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Scott Himmel to learn about the offerings in the launch of  Truex American Style, a very exciting new line … Continue reading

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#TBT – Art & Antiques Magazine June 2008

This article in Art & Antiques focused on an apartment I shared with my wife and daughter in Greenwich Village, and the integration of an art and decorative arts collection in a family environment…

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A Modern California Vision Turns 50

On a family vacation road trip in 1974 we drove our van down the Pacific Coast Highway – truly one of the most breathtaking routes in America – as it follows the Pacific Coastline. We started at the northern border … Continue reading

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#TBT: NEW YORK Magazine 1992

One of my very first friends in NYC was a distinctive, sometimes kinda normal, but often offbeat guy named Jeff Fazio.  Jeff was affable, fun, carefree and seemingly “knew everyone” after a decade of working in a variety of upscale … Continue reading

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Thank You Dering Hall!

Dering Hall surveyed the furnishing in one of my favorite living rooms – located in a 4000 square foot apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and has given you some options for how to recreate this warm and inviting space. … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere

In the late 1980’s my then new client, Caroline Hirsch, was looking to purchase land on which to build a new Shingle Style home; she made a very wise decision to purchase 5 acres of property that fronts both the … Continue reading

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