"Glenn is a designer and architect with an exceptionally broad range of professional skills. He has experience as both architect and designer. He is socially adept and extremely easygoing. He is knowledgeable about fine art and its role in a successful interior. And while he understands what design can be at the highest levels, he is also well-versed in budget-conscious solutions. I have relied on his advice and recommended him to others with great success."

Sarah Medford, Journalist

"…work that is stylistically diverse but beautifully crafted and integrated into the architecture of the space…"

New York Spaces

"Fine art is not simply a finishing touch in Gissler’s design process; it is the cornerstone and often the starting point from which other decisions are made."

ARTISTS Magazine

"His natural ability to create an environment where disparate elements come together in harmonious dialogue, and where the sum of a space is always greater than its individual parts…"

ARTISTS Magazine

"I avoid novelty, trends and cutting edge. At some point the novelty, trend and cutting edge will wear off and become dated. Thoughtful decisions endure over time…"

ARTISTS Magazine

"…committed to providing beautiful and livable environments for his clients…"

Litchfield Magazine

"The results are an engaging interpretation of the clients’ personality and life or work style, inspiring a greater sense of self-expression and personal satisfaction."

– Spectacular Homes – book

"Elegance and livability are guiding principles in Glenn’s design process. Perhaps it is his architecture training, or just the way that his brain is wired, but he is always focused on how to use a space most effectively and naturally. He believes that people should be able to use all of the rooms in their homes as a part of the natural course of living their lives."

– Eve Matheson, Journalist

"…the interiors are cultured, sophisticated crisp and inviting."

 Judges NYC&G IDA Innovations & Design Awards

"Glenn’s spaces are visually delightful, but not at the expense of delightful living."


"Gissler has created a warm environment with inviting spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of a young – a place for relaxed engagement, ease and warmth family."


"Artfully blending traditional and contemporary furnishings that are comfortable, polished and visually striking without seeming “decorated” is where Glenn excels."

 Ronda Rice, Blogger

"…Glenn often helps his clients assemble significant art collections, lending them his expert advice in the ongoing development of their own eye."

Antiques & Fine Art

"…it represents a lively and inspired collaboration between clients and the designer in creating a new collection, an implanting its art and artifacts in a home as livable as it is stylish."

Antiques & Fine Art

"The public spaces invite entertaining on a grand scale, yet they never lose their warmth and dignified informality, largely achieved by concentrating on a repertoire of rich, resonant materials and a muted palette…"

Antiques & Fine Art