"Thanks to his architectural background, Glenn Gissler is a master at transformative spaces. His unique eye for materials, shape and color manifested in a seductive, sumptuous and luxurious space that has become our new home in Manhattan. Working with Glenn and his extended team of highly talented, professional and caring artisans and contractors yielded a formidable result we are extremely proud of."


"My apartment is clean, spare, and simple, but the pieces have presence and quality, which is the same approach I take to designing clothes. He has the ability to know what I want even before I do, how to capture my style and make the spaces feel like a well-tailored jacket."


"We travel constantly and we live a hectic, fast paced life and needed our NYC apartment to feel like a calm luxurious and sleek retreat. Working with Glenn Gissler was a seamless way to find the balance between clean pragmatism and laid back luxe that we were looking for.”


"Over the years Glenn has worked with us on two projects - a sprawling Upper East Side Co-Op and a Soho penthouse loft. They could not have represented two more different challenges, but each could not have been more successful. Glenn has impeccable taste - he was both sensitive to our needs and aesthetic and to the integrity of the space in which he worked."


"During a major renovation of our home 18 years ago, we were fortunate to engage Glenn Gissler Design from construction thru completion. What resulted was a spectacular family home - warm, inviting and most importantly, timeless. A home design that looks as beautiful in 2019 as it did 18 years ago. Glenn and his design professionals worked on all aspects of the job with a keen eye to sublime design and clean lines - all done in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend Glenn Gissler Design and his entire team!"


"A day doesn't go by where I don't find myself thrilled to be in this apartment!"


"Glenn and his team were terrific. Glenn is extremely talented and knowledgeable and has exquisite taste. His keen aesthetic sense transformed our house into a beautiful and sophisticated home that was also comfortable and functional for our family of 5. He was able to balance the dictates of our 1920s colonial with our more contemporary tastes and create a home that was perfect for us! He combined his expertise in furnishings, textiles, design and art to create an elegant, beautiful and comfortable home and paid attention to every detail. We highly recommend Glenn and his team!"


"Glenn Gissler Design did a tremendous job transforming an imposing raw space in an historic building in the West Village into an architecturally beautiful home that is warm and comfortable. While the curved paneled staircase and muraled dining room give our home an “old world” sophistication, there is nothing stuffy or overdone about it. Instead, the thoughtful arrangement of furniture and the rich and multi-layered color palette make each and every room cozy and inviting. Our family will be happy in our home for many years to come!"


"Right after my husband and I purchased a new loft-style apartment that had limited natural light, Glenn and his team took over construction from the developer reconfiguring many spaces to improve the spatial flow which brought grace and ease to a potentially awkward layout. They were always present making sure the job stayed on schedule and to intervene when there were complications. Glenn found creative ways to add LOTS of additional storage following one of his lifestyle mantras ‘ storage is a key to mental health’, he also integrated architectural lighting, lamps and a strategic use of mirrors to make the space feel bright and cheery."


"Glenn designed a distinctive and comfortable family-friendly apartment that works well when we are all together but also provides autonomy for everyone, this has served us well as our children have grown up."


"Lastly, Glenn introduced us to fine art and worked with us over a number of years to put together a personal collection of modern and contemporary art – and to our surprise it was deemed worthy of being included in VIP tours for the Armory Art Fair in New York City."


"We love our meetings in your office, reviewing the details which will make the house exceptional in every way – you are organized & thoughtful & present such exciting options!"


"You guys are amazing. It's really kinda thrilling to be in the presence of your genius, vision, passion, professionalism. Thanks."

– Client

"Wow, Glenn and Craig, the interior lighting you have found for us is wonderful. We love the look of every piece, and as a whole. Great job, thanks very much."

– Client

"After 19 years the Kitchen you designed for me still looks beautiful and modern – I am proud to be the owner!"

– Client

"Glenn Gissler and his team delivered fantastic results in their design of our family's hotel. His attention to history and detail was extraordinary, by the time the project was complete he knew more about the history of our property than we did! And even more impressively he managed to come in under budget."


"I was one of Glenn's first clients. My studio apartment was already half full with books and a piano, but I had no idea what to do about a bed, seating, and everything else. Glenn listened to me carefully and came back with a book full of ideas that made what I already had work even better. He even designed some pieces himself. He found brilliant solutions to my problems. He imparted a philosophy that I've been able to follow as I've moved to other places. Glenn's work has staying power - it's served me beautifully for over 20 years."


"We have had the pleasure of working with Glenn Gissler Design (“GGD”) on two complete design projects. On both occasions, GGD exceeded our expectations. They selected furniture, lighting, fabrics and textiles that truly complement each other in the room, but also seamlessly transition from one room to the next. They use a combination of new furniture with antiques which truly generates a timeless feel."


"GGD was extraordinarily well organized and prepared for meetings, which made the process efficient and also helped to eliminate any stress. The whole team at GGD is really great to work with. They bring tremendous enthusiasm to the project which makes the project exciting and fun."


"Glenn, in particular, is a great teacher of fine arts and design concepts. He taught us a lot through the process and was the guiding force behind us purchasing many great pieces of art. We continue to tap into Glenn’s expertise when we are evaluating new works of art."


"Even when the project is complete, GGD remain involved. If you ever need help or have a question, they will be there for you with a quick response."


"We are grateful we selected GGD and would certainly recommend them to others. As we said, they will provide you with a great design and you will also learn a lot and have fun in the process."


"We had lived in our apartment for ten years before Glenn and his team gave us a full makeover. They expanded our storage significantly, which made some of the rooms smaller, dropped ceilings in other areas to create a “modulated spatial experience” and miraculously the apartment got bigger! How did they do that?!"


"I first worked with Glenn Gissler over 25 years ago when I was building a new oceanfront home in Watermill, New York. His collaboration with me, and architect Francis Fleetwood, helped produce an exceptional Shingle Style home that I still enjoy today. We recently did some refreshing of the main floor, but the countless decisions we made decades ago stood the test of time. "


"Glenn’s broad knowledge of architecture, interior design and lifestyle were immensely important to a successful and enduring project. His focus on quality, understatement and comfort has created a gracious livable home."


"We purchased an unremarkable Colonial house on a great site overlooking the Long Island Sound that needed a complete renovation, and found Glenn Gissler Design after researching interior design experts on the internet. We loved his design sensibility and seamless eclectic mix of furnishings, as well as his professional but affable personality. Working with him did not disappoint."


"He spent a great deal of time finding out not just about our taste but how we lived in a space. The result was a comfortable custom dwelling that took advantage of our water views and reflected our lifestyle."


"Glenn has extensive architectural as well as interior design experience which enabled him to tackle the project from the macro elements such as the reorganization of rooms, floor plans, lighting, window layouts and furnishings down to the micro details of moldings, porch columns, backsplash color, etc. We could not be happier with the process and the results."


"In 1990 we renovated our old big family homestead that accommodated us, my dad, six children, a St. Bernard, a live-in-housekeeper and a sometimes-nurse. When all the walls were torn down, we panicked because we didn’t have an interior designer. We called our friend who was the home interior editor at the New Work Times. She recommended a young man named Glenn Gissler. It was a great recommendation. We collaborated with him and have been good friends for the past 30 years."


"Glenn designed the wall configurations, wall colors, lighting, placement of our large art collection (Matisse, Miro, Munch, Dubuffet, Twombly, Serra, Hockney, Johns, Dine, Oldenburg etc.) and suggested furniture. We had Bauhaus styles (Mies, Eames, Saarinen, etc.). Glenn introduced us to other modern icons (Frank, Chareau, Ruhlmann, Putman, Eileen Grey, Wegner, Robsjohn-Gibbings, etc.). Glenn designed two marble fireplaces in the style of Scarpa, an alabaster dining room lighting fixture in the style of Chareau and a state-of-art gym. He was sensitive in electing a palette for the walls and designed beautiful recessed lighting. The effect was a calm harmonious atmosphere. "


"Glenn must have made a thousand decisions. We don’t regret any. We worked together in a collaborative way. He made suggestions and we discussed them. Nothing was forced. The final result was a warm comfortable modern interior, esthetically pleasing, simple not cluttered. The ultimate compliment came from many visitors, including art patrons on a house tour, who said “I would love to live in this house”."



"Glenn is a designer and architect with an exceptionally broad range of professional skills. He has experience as both architect and designer. He is socially adept and extremely easygoing. He is knowledgeable about fine art and its role in a successful interior. And while he understands what design can be at the highest levels, he is also well-versed in budget-conscious solutions. I have relied on his advice and recommended him to others with great success."

Sarah Medford, Journalist

"…work that is stylistically diverse but beautifully crafted and integrated into the architecture of the space…"

New York Spaces

"Fine art is not simply a finishing touch in Gissler’s design process; it is the cornerstone and often the starting point from which other decisions are made."

ARTISTS Magazine

"His natural ability to create an environment where disparate elements come together in harmonious dialogue, and where the sum of a space is always greater than its individual parts…"

ARTISTS Magazine

"I avoid novelty, trends and cutting edge. At some point the novelty, trend and cutting edge will wear off and become dated. Thoughtful decisions endure over time…"

ARTISTS Magazine

"…committed to providing beautiful and livable environments for his clients…"

Litchfield Magazine

“…design is about incorporating a sense of warmth and humanity.”

– Spectacular Homes – book (GG)

"It is more important for him to enhance the lives, and reflect the values of his clients than it is to use a single decorative style."

– Spectacular Homes – book

"The results are an engaging interpretation of the clients’ personality and life or work style, inspiring a greater sense of self-expression and personal satisfaction."

– Spectacular Homes – book

“Art, along with friends is what brings life to a home life…”

– Elements of Living – GG

"Elegance and livability are guiding principles in Glenn’s design process. Perhaps it is his architecture training, or just the way that his brain is wired, but he is always focused on how to use a space most effectively and naturally. He believes that people should be able to use all of the rooms in their homes as a part of the natural course of living their lives."

– Eve Matheson, Journalist

"…the interiors are cultured, sophisticated crisp and inviting."

 Judges NYC&G IDA Innovations & Design Awards

"Glenn’s spaces are visually delightful, but not at the expense of delightful living."


"Gissler has created a warm environment with inviting spaces to accommodate the diverse needs of a young – a place for relaxed engagement, ease and warmth family."


"Artfully blending traditional and contemporary furnishings that are comfortable, polished and visually striking without seeming “decorated” is where Glenn excels."

 Ronda Rice, Blogger

"…Glenn often helps his clients assemble significant art collections, lending them his expert advice in the ongoing development of their own eye."

Antiques & Fine Art

"…it represents a lively and inspired collaboration between clients and the designer in creating a new collection, an implanting its art and artifacts in a home as livable as it is stylish."

Antiques & Fine Art

"The public spaces invite entertaining on a grand scale, yet they never lose their warmth and dignified informality, largely achieved by concentrating on a repertoire of rich, resonant materials and a muted palette…"

Antiques & Fine Art

"Clients come to Glenn for his style, but stay for his art expertise. The New York-based designer goes above and beyond to help his clients choose artwork for their homes… "

Lighting & Décor


"I've known Glenn Gissler and his team for several years now, and have worked closely with Glenn on his contribution to my book, Interior Design Master Class, and with Craig on my book On Style: Inspiration and Advise from the New Generation of Interior Design. What stands out for me from our work together? Glenn and his senior designer Craig Strulovitz are consummate design professionals. They have an encyclopedic understanding of historical reference in design; they take a rigorously intellectual approach to design; and they have remain curious about what constitutes successful design in an ever changing world. Taken together, those ideas manifest in rooms that are both stylish and modern."

– Carl Dellatore, Author

"I have been in business as a New York City-based general contractor doing high-end residential work for 42 years, 20 years of which I have had the great fortune of working on projects with Glenn Gissler."

– Dale Faught, Nutech Interiors, General Contracting

"His clear-eyed understanding of the way design impacts life never ceases to amaze me. Watching Glenn with his clients inspires awe, the way he comes to understand what it is they are looking for, and what their goals are for the way they want to live in their new home."

– Dale Faught, Nutech Interiors, General Contracting

"Glenn crafts spaces specifically suited to his client's needs and tastes, while always sharing; he is master at his craft, as well as very dear friend. I might also add that Glenn's tutelage has made me a better contractor, always sharing the reasoning behind his design decisions -- not just handing out a set of plans to accomplish as some designers might do. He is one my favorite designers to work with -- I hope to work with Glenn for years to come!"

– Dale Faught, Nutech Interiors, General Contracting

"Your work is prolific and steeped in modernism with historical references with glorious color palettes. Bravo!"

Joseph Lembo, Interior Design Hall of Fame

"Glenn Gissler has profoundly influenced my career over the past two decades. His design tastes are impeccable, genuine, and original. Many times he has opened my eyes to new and wonderful ideas with his vast knowledge of art and design. I’m always looking forward to working with him on his latest and greatest project."

– Daniel Berglund, Light Fixture Designer

"It isn’t every designer who brings such a thoughtful and artful approach to their projects. We are so glad to be a part of the wonderful interiors you create!"

 Jonas Workroom

"…demonstrates the stellar quality of your work from the palette, to the texture of the materials and the meticulously edited selection of objects, the environments are sophisticated, yet warm and livable."

Barbara Sallick, Waterworks

"I have always admired your innate style and ‘cool factor’!"

– Drew McGukin, Interior Designer

"Glenn is one of the most talented designers I know. He has a wealth of knowledge and resources and is the top in his field. You could not hire a better designer if you tried."

– Stephen Alton, Architect

"Gissler Design Group is second to none! Their creativity, their sources and their enchanting, singular designs set them apart. Imagine one resource for your architecture, interior design and art collecting needs! They are superb."

Bernadette Murray

"My company, Martin Patrick Evan, has been working with Glenn Gissler Design for over 20 years and we have completed well over 100 projects together. Glenn is decisive in his vision and a pleasure to work with, so it’s no surprise that many clients come to him over and over again. Every residence and summer home he designs is elegant yet versatile. We value his business very much and look forward to continuing our work together in the future."

Edouard Daunas, Martin Patrick Evan

"Having had the occasion to work closely with Glenn Gissler and Glenn Gissler Design on a number of projects over the past several years - while Glenn also served as President-elect and then President of ASID NY Metro - has provided me the opportunity to experience his expertise, his passion and his deep knowledge of art and design first hand. Every project is built on a thorough discovery of the space, the client, and what is paramount to creating an overall successful design collaboration. What is refreshing, and not surprising, is that Glenn and his team are steadfast and methodical in designing environments that honor a building, residence or the architectural integrity while also pushing the envelope of modernism."

Bonnie J. Steves

"As an architect, I appreciate the distinctive point of view Glenn brings to the environments he creates. Whether it’s a classic farmhouse in the county, a brownstone, or a city apartment, his spaces are livable and extraordinary. The passion and expertise he brings, including an in-depth knowledge of art, helps Glenn create unique, memorable homes which are tailored to his clients lives."

– Barry Goralnick, Architect

"Glenn is one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge of everything! And I mean just about everything is vast- furniture, carpets, ceramics, colour, fabrics it goes on and on. He knows more about art than Phillipe de Montebello. As a designer his work is inspirational, elegant, gorgeous without ever being over done or fussy, and inviting. His choices of my photography for his projects have been spot on and his clients continue to ask for my work year after year. He has inspired me to new work and ideas through our working together and our conversations. I cannot recommend him enough. Plus he's just fun to hang out with."

– Jeffrey Rothstein, Photographer

"His work may be called “design”, but it is far more than that. … his vision, sense of color, his choice of objects, and how he arranges those objects in space, all speaks me of his singular talent."

– Alice James Watkins

"Beautiful, elegant and comfortable, inspiring, livable, circle all of the above."

 George Rollins

"Your stewardship of the RISD Museum has been characterized by innovative ideas, strategic thinking, and most valuable, your tireless efforts to increase the credibility and visibility of the Museum in the community, The resulting goodwill has become a huge asset for us, and the relationship you have fostered with our supporters and other board members helps insure the Museum will thrive and continue to offer exceptional art and design exhibitions and programs."

 Stephen Metcalf, Chair – RISD Museum Board of Governors

"We have learned so much collaborating with you through the years. Thank you for being a friend and an inspiration to us all!"

 Carol Swedlow, Aronson’s Flooring

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do. Thank you for sharing your talent with the industry."

Wendy Silverstein, WSA Public Relations

"I have been learning from Glenn’s design work since 1994 when I became his assistant for a year—a rewarding experience. Glenn designs dwellings from their structure and architecture inward, yet he never fails to find the most rare and piquant art and objects to express the client ‘s individuality. His spaces are supremely comfortable, casually elegant and tailored, and detailed with his discoveries in the vast universe of things, of which he has an unparalleled knowledge."

Lisa Zeiger

"I've worked with creatives across the country from diverse backgrounds for several years. The professionals at Glenn Gissler Design stand out for all the right reasons---they combine knowledgeable expertise of Art & design with a methodical work ethic that's translated through a refined social acumen; they make their clients & collaborators feel valued. I genuinely enjoy my work with them & appreciate their dedication to produce quality results. I'd consider Glenn & Craig to be representatives for the top of their industry. When you encounter the best you're aware of it, but when they're also wonderful to work with you can't ask for better."

Mikeal Beland, Digital Media Designer & Photographer

"Glenn Gissler and his senior designer Craig Strulovitz are a great team to work with! They will listen carefully to what you expect for your interior and suggest the most beautiful custom furniture, fabrics, vintage items. Look at the photo gallery on the website it is stunning and can be very eclectic, which I love!"

Alexandra Coulais

"Your apartment is truly one of, if not the most special apartments in the neighborhood."

Harry Heissman