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Elegance – Quality – Beauty – Sophistication

What’s not to like about Christopher Spitzmiller lamps?? 


I am on a continuous search for distinctive lighting for all of my design projects, and tend to avoid manufactured lamps, with the exception of Christopher Spitzmiller.

Crafted by hand and with heart, the lamps have been wonderful additions to a number of my projects (as evidenced in the image of a bedside table above.)

Who is Christopher Spitzmiller? What is it about his products that are so special? And what’s next? I decided to investigate…


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In an era when it seems everything is being mass-produced in China, Spitzmiller hand-crafts his lamps in Midtown Manhattan.

The classic silhouettes, excellent proportions, delicious glazes and the firm’s unrelenting attention to detail make Spitzmiller’s lamps a great lighting option for a broad range of project styles.


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Spitzmiller has been creating unique and high quality lamps since 1996. Originally based in Washington DC, his studio has been located in New York City for over fifteen years now employing a coterie of highly skilled artisans to lovingly produce one-of-a-kind lamps.

The base of operations is a high, full floor loft  with glorious light in an industrial building.  A series of rooms wrap the building’s core with distinct functions – sales, design, clay molds, glazing, kilns, and finishing.

The shapes are turned on a potter’s wheel by Spitzmiller until he is satisfied – then a mold is made to create consistent forms that still show the hand of the original maker.

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Each lamp is set in a hand turned hardwood base, offered stained or water gilded with yellow or white gold.

All of the fittings are solid, handsome and refined – each time you turn the lamps on one is reminded of the quality.


Spitzmiller’s unique and classic forms are offered in a large range of rich hand applied glazes – with many bold, vibrant custom colors always an option.


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The new  Christopher Spitzmiller Showroom on the 18th floor of the D&D Building is a gem that offers a wide range of beautiful samples in a light-filled space.



However, if you want to really understand the process and the people behind the products, nothing beats a visit to the Christopher Spitzmiller Studio at 248 West 35th Street!

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Spitzmiller has been very active in developing new glazing techniques, silhouettes and objects: you may think you already know his products, but there are a lot of new developments on the horizon in the world of Christopher Spitzmiller.

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I can’t wait to find the right place to use the new marbleized glaze on lamps made in New York City!

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