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A number of years ago I worked on an all-but-tear-down renovation in Rye, New York. This image shows the ‘house’ when the demolition of the existing house was nearly complete.

Today my client sent me a number of unsolicited snap-shots of the property now that the plantings have matured and softened.

It is deeply satisfying to know that my clients are happy, and that the blood, sweat and tears that went into making the project happen was worth it!

Here are some of their pictures…

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Arrival for me is NOT after you have opened the front door; rather it is a sequence of experiences that starts as soon as possible to craft an experience.

My long-time collaboration with Landscape Designer Billie Cohen has allowed me to create projects that operate in many domains and on many scales – including the landscape.

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My clients were seeking a ‘new old house’ that would fit easily into a neighborhood of mostly older homes; and while they wanted a lovely home, they were seeking a lack of pretense. The completed home is friendly, open, and discreet – just like them!

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This sweet front building was an existing structure and helps give the home a farmhouse quality.

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The initial inquiry I received was to see whether I might be interested in working on a house renovation overlooking a pond. The house DOES overlook a pond, albeit one that is adjacent to the Long Island Sound!

The snap-shots I received today point to the happiness my clients feel in their home, and really, to the success of the project.

Working on a property with such a dramatic view was fantastic, only surpassed by the wonderful people I worked with to realize their dreams!

Interested in seeing the interiors of this project? Follow this link.