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Even at the one-year-anniversary-of-my-still-very old-house in Connecticut I continue to gear-up with more gear.

As you can see here, galvanized metal figures prominently in my weekends. Galvanized metal is an ‘old-school’ material, predating plastic, evoking ‘times gone by’ (and some of the products are still even made in America.)

The photo was taken on the front steps of my Greek Revival farmhouse documenting my new shiny and practical treasures by my long time friend – Tom Luciano – who among other things is a talented photographer.

Tom spent the weekend with me in Connecticut – I have much to share….


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Cooler than cool, smarter than smart and nicer than nice; it was fantastic to spend some quality one-on-one time with Tom Luciano.

Some (or many) of you may know Tom from the visionary store on Crosby Street called Historical Materialism, or possibly later when the store moved to impressive quarters in Hudson, New York.

Tom has a masterful eye and a distinct point of view: He is thoughtful and insightful. I was interested to see what he saw and how he saw it during our weekend together so I asked him to send me some of the photos he took with his I-Phone.

I intend to share more photos by some of my other friends as the Summer progresses.

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This detail shot indicates that my lawn needs mowing, and I might want to get some Scots ‘Weed and Feed’!

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As seen here, my neighbor sold me his John Deere X-728 27 Horse Powered tractor! I suppose I have now earned the title Gentleman Farmer (n0w if I only knew how to operate it!)