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After a year getting my feet VERY wet as the President-Elect of the New York Metro Chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers), I took the helm as the new President in October at a beautiful and well-attended party at the new Jonathan Adler showroom on 58th & Third Avenue.

While my involvement with ASID has me taking on a lot of responsibility, the resulting opportunities have been remarkable — up to and including the chance to meet hundreds of new people in the interior design industry.

As one remarkable person once said “it takes a village”, and she was totally correct on this (and so many other things.) My involvement with ASID has had me engage with a very broad range of people – allow me to call it the NYC interior design community village — in lots of different capacities and for a wide variety of reasons. I have learned an immense amount in the process, and with more challenges and opportunities ahead I’m excited for the future of my tenure.

I consider myself a Change Agent so the opportunity to turbo-charge, (or maybe that should be turbo-change) the New York Chapter of ASID is something I am well suited for!


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The single most legible change is the entirely revamped chapter magazine DESIGN – created with the wonderful team at ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME. I was very vocal in my opinion that the old magazine looked like it could be a periodic pamphlet for the Dry Cleaning Association – our first of four quarterly issues created almost out of thin air is a REAL design magazine; the process of creating the first issue has left me with a heightened respect for my friends in the magazine world.