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Entertaining friends and family over during the holidays can be a joyful experience.

Bringing a large evergreen tree inside, covering it with a bazillion lights and filling it with ornaments, helps to transform a home into a magical setting for entertaining – add a fire and everyone is truly transported!

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My collection of vintage mercury glass vases and objects comes out at this time of year to add and reflect the sparkle all the more.

Anyone who has ever been to my home for a party at any time of year knows that I love votive candles – a LOT of votive candles! And at the holidays the sparkly effect is amplified with an abundance of reflective surfaces.

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I want all of my guests to feel special, so I like having a wide array of beverages – champagne, specialty liquor, and distinctive non-alcoholic selections to be sure that everyone has a festive beverage shortly after they arrive.

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At the holidays I pull anything and everything that sparkles out from the cupboards, including a set of silver chargers I found on eBay and even more mercury glass.

I enjoy serving meals large or small, simple or extravagant – for me the point is to share a meal, engage, smile, laugh and leave with a warm heart.

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There are some that think that dinner is the meal that we HAVE to eat, before we GET to eat dessert – I cannot say that I disagree!

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Wherever you spend your holidays, I hope that you have some special moments with your friends and family.