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I like social media.

One of the primary reasons I like it so much is for the many very talented and interesting people I follow, individuals who provide a nearly endless stream of visual delights (I might be insatiable in that regard!)

In what will become a series of posts entitled Inspiration in My Social Media Tribe I’ll be sharing some of the remarkable people I follow on a variety of platforms – this post focuses on three photographers I think most everyone with a design-centric eye should be following…

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Todd Eberle

If you like modern architecture and you don’t know Todd Eberle’s work – now is the time!

For the bibliophile, there is extensive portfolio of cool and elegant photographs of the exteriors and the interiors of modern buildings he has captured in his book Todd Eberle: Empire of Space.

Eberle has exhibited in museums and galleries, been published in books and catalogues, and is a Photographer-at-Large for Vanity Fair where we see his tremendous skill as a portrait photographer who is apparently very comfortable in the mad world of celebrities!

Eberle has been a fixture in the art and design world for some time, but surprisingly our paths have never crossed – except in the digital world. I hope that will change soon…from following him on Facebook and Instagram I know he loves his dog, the views from the house he shares with his partner in Cornwall, Connecticut and modern design.

Here are the links to follow Todd on Instagram (nearly 47,000 followers!), on Facebook, and Twitter.

And coming out this October from Rizzoli is a new and exciting book: Todd Eberle: The House of Thurn und Taxis.  



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Scott Frances

I met Scott Frances almost thirty years ago, and through the wonders of technology I have been able to reconnect and see some of what he sees in the larger world we share.

Scott is a well-known photographer and videographer. In addition to his beautiful work as a long standing Contributing Photographer for Architectural Digest, he is lesser known for his magical ‘film noir’ views of a New York City that are both familiar and obscure.

On his website he recounts his personal history as it relates to his creative influences, constituting the basis of his creative process.  Over time he has ” become more interested in the atmosphere of the spaces”, which is evidenced in these images.

Here are the links to follow Scott on Facebook and on Instagram.



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Jeffrey Rothstein

My good friend photographer and artist Jeffrey Rothstein still uses a film camera, I jest, that seems to ingest psychedelics, altering the here and now. He starts with film and then uses digital technology in ways that I don’t quite understand, shooting images on film before transferring the images to a digital format or some other alchemical process (the key word is alchemical.)

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Jeffrey often uses the natural world for his subject matter, distorting it to “create surreal otherworldly effects transforming the real into unreal visions that are extremely vivid, colorful and abstracted.”

Follow Jeffrey on Facebook, on Instagram, and see a collection of his work on his dedicated Pinterest board.


Social media is a fantastic venue for photography, and when the images are seen through the eyes of skilled and accomplished visionaries, the results can alter our view of our world.

I encourage to dig a little deeper into the various platforms on which these 3 talented gentlemen generously share their work, and would love to learn who your favorite photographers on social media are?