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Here are 2 ways to start the New Year;

Make a list of resolutions from a place of resignation, recognizing that you will likely fail at keeping.



As 2013 came to a close, I took some time to reflect, and I’ve taken notes (literally taken notes!) of my small and large achievements.

When looking back on an entire year it can be very difficult to focus on what did NOT happen. Instead I focus on accomplishments: successes, wins, starts, and places of growth and happiness.

As I start 2014 I’m seeking ways to celebrate positive movement in my life; to build on in the future. As an alternative to a list of resolutions, I think about my accomplishments of the past year, re-committing to the work I began in it.  The future is going happen no matter what, so I figure I should grab the wheel and drive the best I know how.  For me, this is a time to be BOLD!

This is a private process – you will not see me posting a comprehensive list of my 2103 accomplishment, or an itemized list of  my goals and personal promises for 2014 on Facebook (or any platform for that matter.)

I look through my date book to find positive moments that I may have forgotten, and fusing a stream-of-consciousness approach I look for what emerges as the obvious places I can see and can further commit to moving forward.

Here are some of the categories I consider when Looking Backwards to Move Forward;

  • Relationships & Family
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Finances
  • Home
  • Community
  • Culture
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Career
  • And, FUN!

I will share one multi-layered accomplishment from 2013 that I am planning to expand on in a big and bold way.

Last year, when looking critically at how my business appeared on the internet, I made a simple note to myself.


I followed that note with a list of topics about which I have decidedly strong opinions – thinking they might be interesting to write about, and illustrate with images.  But I wasn’t sure how to go about conveying my ideas.

As chance would have it I met a very committed, self-educated blogger names Carl Dellatore in September, and I immediately engaged him to be my ‘Social Media Coach’.  He has provided extraordinary assistance in starting this blog, in helping to make greater sense of the digital data universe, and has been an incredibly supportive character in my efforts to develop my own voice, while supporting me in delivering the goods every week.

Just before Christmas, in another natural outgrowth of my expanded digital presence, I engaged my ‘go-to’ photographers Steve Gross & Sue Daley to be my partners in creating photographic content starting immediately in 2014!  I’m excited that I’ve created this ‘editorial team’, and together we are excited about the adventures that are ahead.

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The universe has a unique way of supporting our declarations once they are clear, so dig deep, and be bold!

And in whatever way you choose to begin the year – I wish you the best in 2014!