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Now that I have dealt with the floors at my house, my next task was to venture into what for me is uncharted territory – the big box world of  HOME DEPOT!

I need a lot of stuff and wanted to go see what the offering were – who knew HD was sooo big, and they have sooo much stuff?  I guess pretty much everyone but me!

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Miles of aisles…

…inside and out.


The choices are seemingly endless…

I cashed in a lot of American Express ‘miles’ in exchange for $ 5,000 in Home Depot ‘money’.

I am certain that my SHOPPING LIST it is NOT comprehensive – I am seeking suggestions on items that I am missing, and which of the following options are the ones to get first:

6′ ladder,  10′ ladder,  extension ladder,  flashlights,  fire extinguishers,  grill hammers,  pliers,  screwdrivers,  wrenches,  bird feeders,  bird food,  birdbath wheelbarrow,  wagon,  lawn mower,  rakes,  shovels fertilizer,  grass seed,  grass seed spreader,  hand saw(s),  tree pruning saws,  hedge clippers,  shearspost digger,  gutter guards,  gravel for driveway,   WD-40,  light bulbs,  DIMMERS,  tool belt work gloves,  gardening gloves,  hat(s),  cordless trimmer,  potting soil,  hand trowell,  tiller,  composter,  hoses,  lawn sprinklers,  metal storage racks for attic,  attic fan,  ceiling fans (4),  tiki torches,  citronella candles,  tick spray,   clothes line,  clothes pins,  laundry baskets,  vacuum,  wet/dry vac,  brooms,  dust pans, and more…

The selection for each of these items is really extensive and there are so many decisions to be made!

I better stock up on band-aids,  get a First Aid kit, and find out where the local hospital is located !