Secrets of New York: SOHO

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Although my love affair with New York City started much earlier, I moved to NYC full-time in 1984. The city has changed a lot in those 30 years – some for the better and some, well, not for the better.  That is the way of this city: always in motion and always changing.

The stream of double-decked tour buses in New York City indicates the incredible appeal that it has for tourists from around the world.  And certainly there are the ‘must see’ sights and destinations so many of these visitors come to see.

I hope that they have life-altering experiences (like I did), spend a lot of money (great for the city revenue) and come back again.  I will not however be reporting on the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or the Magnolia Bakery – that I will leave to others.

Thankfully, there are still very special places, often hiding in plain view, that have not succumbed to the pressures exerted by the powerful real estate forces here. I am going to share some of my favorite places in a series of posts, starting today with two amazing spaces in Soho.