Art Adventures: B&W Wonders at The Armory Show

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2016 - FullSizeRender-004-vvHugo Crosthwaite, Mexico “Fire Cart” 2012 Pierogi, Brooklyn

Each year I allocate at least one entire day to immerse myself in the wonders at The Armory Show and VOLTA art fairs where historically I am looking for works for my clients – or myself – however, this year the experience was purely for pleasure.

I took photos of dozens of works that caught my eye for a variety of reasons. Reviewing the images I saw different ways to bring some order to the rich chaos; this post focuses on works that are Black & White both representation and abstract… (more…)

Art Adventures: Morandi’s Sublime Objects

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2016 - giorgio_morandi_-_still_life_1955_25_5x40_5cm_private_collection_small-1024x650

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I love the work of Giorgio Morandi

The Modern Pier at The Armory Show last week provided the opportunity to once again to see and experience a number of his paintings, many outstanding prints and his wonderfully abstract drawings at the  Galleria d’Arte Maggiore booth.

And at another booth were some spectacular photographs of Morandi’s objects that gave insight his work.

In his lifetime Giorgio Morandi (1890–1964) created over 1,300 paintings, 133 etchings and countless drawings – the majority of which were still lifes using the same collection of objects in the same setting. His work is known and coveted for its meditative simplicity, masterly  execution and quietude…


The Armory Show 2015

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In the vast sea of contemporary art shown at The Armory Show last week, by an impressive roster of international art dealers, Two Palms Press showed a spectacular series of brand-new and remarkably well-priced prints by New York artist Terry Winters (b.1949).

With so much media attention on record shattering prices for artwork at auction it was refreshing to find works that made my heart sing – and that are truly within reach of mere mortals…