#TBT – New York Times HOME Section 1989

Photo: Fred Conrad for the New York Times

Photo: Fred Conrad for the New York Times


Last Thursday was the last day of the HOME Section of the New York Times; there are many of us who lament this change, remembering when the section was a very important source of news about the world of design.

I look back with great appreciation for the countless things I learned from this section, never mind that my first real media exposure was in the HOME section in February of 1989 – just two years after I opened Glenn Gissler Design.

I was introduced to the most important and the most influential HOME section writer, Suzanne Slesin, at an opening at Furniture of the Twentieth Century. I contacted her a few days later with hopes of showing her a few recently completed projects.

Suzi came to see three projects, and literally days later  “A Designer Test His Wings; Maximal Style for Minimalist Tastes” appeared on the front page of the HOME Section! Including the jump page the story covered five square feet (!) of New York Times ‘real estate’ including seven photographs, three of which included me.

I nearly died!

600 dpi page 1 NY Times 2


The HOME Section has been a mere shadow of itself for many years; there are few people who would argue that.  Some even see this change as a death knoll for design coverage in the New York Times.

At least for the moment I am looking at the glass as ‘half-full’, and I am hopeful that the nay-sayers will be proven wrong.


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4 Responses to #TBT – New York Times HOME Section 1989

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh My gosh Glenn!
    That is when we met! Zonya used to cut my hair!
    Will call you soon.

  2. Will SO, SO miss the Home Section……and the coverage of designers like you! What a great piece…………

  3. Lynn Matthews says:

    I had no idea! I have so looked forward to the Home Section for many years.
    Not sure why they would decide to eliminate
    this section full of interesting and current design related articles.
    I will miss it.

    • Glenn Gissler says:

      I think it is a result of the changed landscape of print journalism. Ad revenue for the HOME section has dinished to such a level that the economics did not make sense. There are those that pose the chicken or egg question – IF the HOME section had been ‘better’ then perhaps the advertisers would have remained.

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