Senior Designer Craig Strulovitz – a member of the New Generation of Interior Design – has been recognized by On Style for something that I have known for years – he is a great editor and a great designer! 


Gissler - Craig Strulovitz - On Style: Inspiration and Advice from the New Generation of Interior Design


A creative spirit from the get-go, Craig Strulovitz has DESIGN in his blood!

Seeing first-hand the building of residences by his Grandfather and pursuing every childhood opportunity for inquiry and self-expression it was natural that he would attend the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. At RISD he majored in interior architecture and upon graduation, he came to New York  City and got a job as an intern at Glenn Gissler Design.

Now some fourteen years later with extensive experience on projects large and small, Modern and not-so-Modern, he is the Senior Designer, playing a key role in all aspects of nearly every project – skillfully coordinating architects, general contractors and a wide range of trades, he is skillful at identifying and cleverly solving design and decorating quandaries, and keeping our clients abreast of project developments. And he has an astute eye for fine art and decorative objects; so it is no wonder that he has recently received recognition in Carl Dellatore’s new book from Rizzoli, and in Apartment Therapy


ON STYLE: Inspiration and Advice from the New Generation of Interior Design


The striking yet calm entry view into a TriBeCa loft apartment includes a 1947 painting by Theodoros Stamos a Chinese altar table, an African artifact, a Tiffany candlestick and a pair of graceful upholstered stools.   Photo: Gross & Daley



blank The Living Room overlooks the Hudson River with sophisticated upholstered furniture, handsome wood tables, striae glazed vintage lamps and a glorious large-scale painting by Larry Poons from 2012.   Photo: Gross & Daley



Craig Strulovitz
Photo: Gross & Daley



Craig’s apartment in Brooklyn was recently featured on Apartment Therapy offering proof that it takes more talent than financial resources to create a distinctive home. The one-bedroom apartment that he shares with his husband Charl Castelyn in Crown Heights Brooklyn is not without its challenges as noted by the title of the story: 

This Brooklyn Home Flawlessly Masters an Incredibly Long and Narrow Living Room


blank A long and narrow hallway at the entry to Craig’s apartment becomes a chic asset with a rich, layered and controlled view culminating in circa 1910 Viennese chairs at the dining table, and an image of a Richard Serra sculpture.  Photo: Wyatt Magnum


blank The single biggest challenge in designing the 575-square-foot Brooklyn apartment was the main living area; 40-feet long by only 9-feet wide!   Photo: Wyatt Mangum


It is evident that Craig brought the same level of editing and sophistication to his one-bedroom apartment as he did to the large Tribeca loft for our clients – his work is definitely worthy of inclusion among his stellar peers in ON STYLE


We have not seen the last of Craig’s creative spirit and talents at work!



Glenn Gissler, October 2019