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In a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to share a bit about 15 of the distinctive and inspirational people I have met on-line (and some in person) who have helped to shaped my on-line life, and enriched my experiences on social media.  I’ve included links to their Facebook profiles so you can follow them as well…


Glenn Gissler - Blog - CJ Dellatore
CJ Dellatore
 – I met Carl in person in the fall of 2013, although I come to learn later that I had been following his blog for much longer and had in fact printed out articles he had written about Facebook, the internet, business, etc.

Once we met our individual agendas seemed well suited and I wanted him on my team! Carl has become what I call my “Social Media Coach”.  We have been meeting every week for almost a year; initially to launch and maintain my blog, and later to venture deeper and deeper into Social Media and content marketing; the training wheels have come off but his ongoing support has been invaluable.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Jim Fairfax
Jim Fairfax
– A talented Interior Designer who among other things adores Greenwich Village and posts beautiful pictures of his beloved neighborhood on Facebook everyday! In early 2015 Jim will launch a line of understated furniture he has designed under the name ‘The Bureau of Interiors’.



Glenn Gissler - Blog - Michael Savoia
Michael Savoia
– Originally based on the West Coast, Michael relocated to Providence, RI. In Providence; he shares his extensive knowledge on the history of embroidery and embroidery techniques both old and new with students at RISD, while still maintaining a business, Villa Savoia, provides extraordinary embroidery work to some of America’s leading interior designers.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Mary Douglas Drysdale
Mary Douglas Drysdale – Based in Washington DC, Mary has established an authoritative voice on all things design – sharing images her beautiful interiors, as well as images of her collaborations with industry partners.

Her Facebook fan-base is quite remarkable, and deservedly so – she’s definitely one to watch!


Glenn Gissler - Blog - George Hahn

George Hahn – sartorialist, comedian, up dry with a twist, creator, editor, curator, writer, designer, photographer & crash test dummy at GeorgeHahn.comGeorge ‘built’ my blog to match my then new website helping me to create my own content marketing platform; his wizardry is truly a godsend when I hit yet another technical dead-end.  AND after losing 20 pounds last year George helped me ‘edit’ out six bags of clothes and refocus my new wardrobe. Oh, and he keeps me in stitches!





Glenn Gissler - Blog - Shelley Morris

Shelley Morrisis an interior designer based in New Canaan, Connecticut. Shelley is an  inspiring kindred spirit who posts some of the most inspiring images of interiors, exteriors and well anything she finds inspiring – it is a delight and joy to see her posts on Facebook.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Daniella Ohad
Daniella Ohad
 – with a PhD from Bard College, Danielle has an expansive knowledge and passionate interest in architecture and the decorative arts, and coincidentally she and I share a love for Shelter Island.



Glenn Gissler - Blog - Mitch Owens
Mitch Owens – 
Mitch Owens’ current title is ‘Decorative Arts and Antiques Editor’ for Architectural Digest.

While his job title offers a glimpse into what makes him special, as a start, I might give him the titles ‘Aesthete’, ‘Writer’, ‘Historian’, ‘Educator’, ‘Seeker of Beauty and Beautiful Moments’, ‘Husband’ and ‘Father’.



Glenn Gissler - Blog - Gail Garlick
Gail Garlick
 – I have known Gail’s sister for many years through the New York art world; however until last year Gail and I had not met. Social media and the love of great design, and the ‘family connection’ became reason aplenty to meet in person. Gail is insatiably curious about design and sells high quality mid-century design at Good Design at the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Fern Mallis

Fern Mallis – I first met Fern in the early 1990’s through my work with Michael Kors. As the Director of the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) she masterminded and created New York Fashion Week, organizing the enormous tents for fashion shows in Bryant Park behind the New York Public Library. Fern has move onto other ventures, including an outstanding program of interviewing people in the New York fashion world one-on-one at the 92nd Street Y.  She has become an ambassador for the city of New York wherever she travels. Following her on Facebook has me feel up close and personal with a mover and shaker of this great city.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Robert Knafo
Robert Knafo
– is an art historian, artist and filmaker who I met only once and subsequently ‘friended’ on Facebook, who provides an almost daily stream of mini-biographies of artists whose birthday it is or would have been; a reminder of greatness through time, and a source of knowledge in the morass of the internet.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Sree Sreenivasan
Sree Sreenivasan
– Sree worked with my father at the Journalism School of Columbia University, became Chief Digital Officer for Columbia University, and then last year became the Chief Digital Officer for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Always on the front edge of emerging technologies, Sree is now applying this sense of adventure to one of the world’s largest and finest art museums.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Alain Truong Trong Nghia
Alain Truong Trong Nghia
– Based in Paris, Alain is a blogger and an aesthete who shares his knowledge, passion and refined aesthetic on Facebook – including Chinese ceramics through the ages, 2oth century jewelry, wonders of the natural world including geodes, gems and whatever else strikes his fancy.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Christopher T. Northrup
Christopher T. Northrup
– runs a New York city based public relations firm CNPR, and is another member of the “Designed Obsessed” tribe – his tastes tend to run more to the modern in art, fashion, photography, architecture, design et al.  Worth noting: Christopher’s obsessed with Pinterest – be sure to follow him there.


Glenn Gissler - Blog - Stephen Antonson
Stephen Antonson
– is a modern-day artisan – working primarily in plaster – creating distinctive tables, lighting, and mirrors; a gentle man and a talented Brooklyn-based maker of beautiful things.

Be sure to check out his website.



Of course there are many other design savvy people on social media I’ve yet to meet. Have I missed anyone who you think is particularly noteworthy?  Please let me know in the comments!

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