GC Magazine – Best Interior Designers in New York City 2023

General Contractors Magazine - Best Interior Designers in New York, New York - Glenn Gissler Design

Glenn Gissler Design was selected by General Contractor Magazine as one of the “Best Interior Designers in New York City” for 2023.


General Contractor Magazine – Best Interior Designers in New York, New York

New York, New York, the city that never sleeps, is a vibrant hub of creativity, culture, and style. Known for its iconic architecture, world-class museums, and trend-setting fashion, New York is a city that exudes sophistication and innovation. In this dynamic metropolis, the interior design scene is no exception.


If you seek the expertise of top-notch interior designers in New York, look no further. The list below features the best interior designers in the city, carefully curated by our team. These designers have a profound understanding of space, color, and aesthetics and a proven track record of transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary havens. Whether envisioning a sleek, modern loft or a classic, elegant brownstone, these designers will bring your dreams to life.

Glenn Gissler Design is a distinguished New York interior design firm well-known for its award-winning work and extensive recognition in the industry. With a focus on creating elegant, livable spaces and a deep understanding of the decorative arts, Glenn Gissler Design has become synonymous with exceptional interior design in New York. From transforming SoHo lofts to reviving classic Upper East Side “Classic Six” apartments to designing tranquil rural retreats and stunning seaside getaways, Glenn Gissler Design is known for crafting interiors that are spacious, filled with natural light and, above all, visually captivating.



The firm’s accolades include the 2019 American Society of Interior Designers New York Metro Design Excellence Awards for Outdoor Space and recognition as an honoree at the Brownstone RADD Awards in the same year. And Glenn Gissler Design continues to receive high praise and acclaim for its outstanding work. Highlighted in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, Town & Country, LUXE, and Elle Decor, Glenn Gissler Design’s unique design philosophy and commitment to creating captivating and comfortable interiors have firmly established the firm as a leading firm in the field.


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In Pursuit of Design Alchemy

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I have spent a good portion of my life learning about art, design, history, cultures both near and far, and seeking sublime and transformative experiences, and some 30 years practicing interior design in New York City.

My approach to my design has been influenced by an extensive list of artists, architects and design colleagues, however, I have come to understand that I have a distinct point of view and way of designing.