There two Bellinis? I will take one of each!

Gissler - Bellini - 2015 - Blog Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2015 - Bellini-Mario-©-Albert-Greenwood11

I am fond of two different Bellinis – both Italian, both legends, and both created in the 1930’s.

One Bellini is a drink invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice – a beverage that mixes Prosecco with peach nectar – the other Bellini, originally from Milan, is the architect and designer Mario Bellini.

Bellini – Mario that is – was recently in New York City to speak about about his career – including a 50+ year relationship with Cassina Furniture – and to share some thoughts on design, inspiration and to launch a couple new pieces of furniture.

I jumped at the opportunity to be in the presence of such legendary greatness….