Storage is a Key to Mental Health

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2014 - Hoarding

American homes are often filled to capacity with STUFF.

We fill our closets, cupboards, attics, basements and garages with stuff – and sometimes rent a storage room (or two) such as a self storage facility in Perth for the ‘extra stuff’ that won’t fit in those other places.

In the nearly three decades that I have been designing residential interiors I have seen a lot of homes – and nearly everyone has accumulated more stuff than they need, want, use, and in many cases don’t even like….


DLS Day 2 – Industry City, Brooklyn: Mike D, Victoria and many others

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Recently a friend from California made the comment “Brooklyn is the hippest place on earth.”

And I thought, I live in Brooklyn.  Well, actually Brooklyn Heights.

But the truth is Brooklyn is enormous, and has countless distinct neighborhoods including a multitude of ethnic groups – and the entire range of the socioeconomic spectrum – as well as pockets of unique and creative enterprises.

And while my neighborhood is very beautiful, it most certainly is not hip.

Now I admit I am older than 22; I have not grown the ubiquitous Brooklyn beard; and while I have seen and done some very cool things in Brooklyn, I cannot say I am on the pulse of all things Brooklyn.

I was looking forward to Day 2 of the Design Leadership Summit 2014 at Industry City in Brooklyn – wherever that turned out to be….


Design Leadership Summit 2014 – Fran, Jamie, Maya and many others…

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The 2014 Design Leadership Summit started off with requisite cocktails and raconteur Fran Lebowitz in a conversation with Deborah Needleman – Editor-in-Chief of   ‘T’, the New York Times Style Magazine.  Lebowitz, as anticipated, was in full ‘Fran Lebowitz mode’ opining about the state of New York City “post–Bloomberg” and reminiscing, or rather bemoaning, the things about ‘old New York’ that have disappeared…


Art Underground: Times Square

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2014 - Subway B&W


The New York City subway system of 2014 can be a remarkably efficient way to get around the city; however even in recent history this was not necessarily the case.

When I first visited New York City as a young adult in 1976 I stayed in Times Square with my brother and a bunch of art students from the Midwest – it was thrilling!

My eyes bugged out of my head ….