Ten Steps to Creating your Own Personal Space

I recently had the pleasure of joining my friend and client Steven Shalowitz as a guest on his popular podcast, The One Way Ticket Show.
If you haven’t tuned in, Steven’s show has an interesting premise: He engages an extremely broad range of guests from journalist Charles Osgood, to politico Anthony Scaramucci, to fashion icon Tim Gunn, to entrepreneur India Hicks, religious leaders, writers, educators, and many others, typically ending the conversation with the question about where they would go with a one-way ticket to, any place in space or time. Destinations may be in the past, present, future, real, or imagined with no chance of coming back.
To mark the 10th anniversary of “The One Way Ticket Show” podcast, Steven is doing an entire themed series with the premise of a “One Way Ticket to Optimal Mental, Physical and Spiritual Well-Being.”
Having been through the process of creating Steven’s home in New York City, I was happy to discuss and share my thoughts on creating your own personal space. You can follow this link to tune into our conversation.
And while we are on the subject of personal spaces–here’s the dining room in my historic Brooklyn Heights duplex. I invite you to join me on a virtual tour of the rest of my home by clicking on the image, or by following this link.

Glenn Gissler Design In The Press

Grateful for every book feature, press article, and award nomination. Here’s what’s been happening lately with Glenn Gissler Design.

Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors

Glenn Gissler Design is incredibly honored to be featured in
William Norwich’s new book. 


A project we completed more than 20 years ago, photographed for Interior Design Magazine by Peter Mauss ESTO, has been included.(and no, we don’t mind sharing the spread with Hubert de Givenchy!)

Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors

Glenn Gissler Design was anonymously nominated to submit a comprehensive portfolio for the 20th Anniversary of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards.

The award was established as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world, and to honor excellence, innovation, and lasting achievement in American Design.

And while we did not receive the award, it was an extraordinary honor to be nominated!

Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors


Glenn Gissler Design is honored to be featured in 
Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors

Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors Glenn Gissler - 2019 - Blog - Interiors

Many thanks to John Smiroldo and writer Marianne Litty at  Antiques & Fine Art / InCollect for including Michael Kors’ apartment in this story on the enduring power of black and white for interiors.

Click through to this link to see the entire press feature.


Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner

We’re thrilled to share our inclusion in the second issue of Brownstoner Magazine.
Brownstoner, originally a blog which then developed into a highly successful and widely respected digital publication, focuses on the rapid evolution of Brooklyn from an “outer borough” to a culturally rich and exciting destination. Last year, in a move that belies the general trend towards digital, away from print, Brownstoner began a beautiful print magazine

In this issue, Glenn Gissler’s own Brooklyn Heights duplex is featured in an editorial titled ‘Maximum Glamour‘.

Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner Glenn Gissler - 2018 - Blog - Brownstoner

If you’d like to read the entire article, you can follow this link to our website.

Enjoy your summer!

Thank You NYC&G

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2018 - NYCG-copy

The May/June issue of NYC&G features a double page spread on the dual buildings – The Townsend at 1123 and The Saint James at 1133 Broadway, and the numerous interior design professionals who call them home.

Very exciting for Glenn Gissler Design to be included in this amazing group of designers, including Robert Stilin, Greg Tankersley, Ray Booth, Barry Goralnick, Kevin Isbell, and Young Huh.

Broadway in the 20’s continues it’s emergence as an interior design destination!

Thank You Cultured Lifestyle!

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2018 - Cultured Lifestyle Magazine 

We’re thrilled to find an image from our Greenwich Village Pied-à-Terre project featured on the cover of the May/June issue of Cultured Lifestyle.

You can follow this online link to see the entire magazine, which includes beautiful new outdoor furniture from Holly Hunt, a review of Emily Evan Eerdman’s new book on Henri Samuel, and an expose on Conde House’s Japonese-inflected design. In addition, you’ll find to 18 page story titled A Man For All Season, which includes interior images from a collection of Glenn Gissler Design projects.