The Devaluation of ‘LOVE’

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2015 - ILI-black


In the world we live in people often feel compelled to express grandiose reaction to things, experiences and people – resulting in the overuse of three words:

 “I  LOVE  IT!”

Is this grandiosity yet another effect of the celebrity-driven-reality-TV-selfie times in which we live?

Are people living their lives as if the cameras are rolling?

Or is it a devaluation of LOVE?

 Shopping for clothes:

“I  LOVE  IT!”

Looking at furniture:

“I  LOVE  IT!”

After hearing a joke:

“I  LOVE  IT!”

Looking at Art:


etc., etc., etc…


For me, LOVE is a big and meaningful word.

Perhaps this attention to the ‘meaning’ of words is due to the influence of my father, an accomplished journalist f0r whom words have real meanings, and should be used judiciously.

Having a strong emotional reaction to things, experiences, and people is something I understand. In fact, beauty, delight – and yes, even love – are essential ingredients for me in the process of living, and in the process of design; but I am seeking an enduring love, not a momentary crush. I have found that the novelty that can incite a crush rarely stands the test of time.

Sometimes the subject or object or person at hand is suitable, good, great, excellent, superb, perfect, incredible, even inspired; however sometimes it is just fine, the sensible thing, perfectly appropriate, in good taste, a great solution, but it doesn’t necessarily evoke “I  LOVE  IT!”

Whether it is my own reaction, or someone else’s, I am suspect of the immediate “I  LOVE  IT!” response.  Will the feeling last?  Or is it merely a novel rush of adrenaline?   Never mind that these three words can sound disingenuous, if not utterly meaningless.

Much of what I do as a designer is to identify, and then solve problems, LOTS of problems requiring LOTS of solutions. Experience, logic and intuition play significant roles in this problem solving; and no I don’t LOVE every solution. I am in pursuit of a kind of alchemy. This alchemic phenomenon can occur when the cumulative effect of experience, collaboration, invention, a thoughtful approach and intuition are brought to bear in problem solving; where this combination of considered choices results in layered, nuanced, interesting, intelligent, subtle and maybe even sublime, spaces and experiences that can evoke a deep-seated LOVE, one that endures over time like a wonderful and satisfying personal relationship.

Suffice it to say, I don’t love,

the unfortunate overuse of


“I  LOVE  IT!”


P.S.  I do LOVE the sincere use of LOVE!