Votive Offerings: Glenn Gissler at RISD Museum

Gissler - Book and Room RISD MuseumGissler - Book and Room RISD Museum

This month, my friend the decorative arts historian Lisa Zeiger wrote an interesting article entitled VOTIVE OFFERINGS: GLENN GISSLER AT RISD about my relationship with my alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design, and more specifically with the RISD Museum, on her blog BOOK AND ROOM.

As a RISD alum, former board member, and devoted museum donor, it’s been my goal to help give students and visitors the opportunity to experience and draw inspiration from the museum’s collection. Lisa’s post chronicles my decades-long quest to donate notable fine art, industrial design and decorative objects to the RISD Museum, with a personal goal of bequeathing 1000 objects in total. You can read the post by following this link

I lived with many of these items in my NYC apartment before they found a new home at the RISD Museum, including a partners desk with two chairs by Donald Judd, and works on paper by Kiki SmithSol LewittLeon Golub, and Vija Celmins. I also have passed along objects by the 19th century industrial designer Christopher Dresser, and 20th century objects by Josef HoffmannEttore Sottsass, Joe Columbo and Russel Wright.

You’ll find just a selection of my notable donations to the museum below, and if you’re so inclined, you can follow this link to the museum’s website, which shows many more with descriptions and details.

Let’s Get Out-Of-Town!

pGlenn Gissler - Blog - 2014 - Bear Mountain - opolopen-22-Palisades-640x480

While I do not think that we just experienced “the worst Winter ever!”, or the “longest Winter ever!” – I likely share this sentiment with others – ENOUGH ALREADY!

And while I deeply love the infinite possibilities of interiors, I am very ready to get outside, and more importantly get out-of-town!

There is a very special place only 50 miles from New York City – yet is worlds away – a rewarding destination at the home and studio of Russel Wright, one of the most influential and successful designers of the 20th century.

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2014 - Bear Mountain - russel-wright-manitoga-gardens-546x820

As with life itself, enjoying the journey is as important as the destination itself… (more…)