Adventures in the Wilds Of Litchfield County

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I’ve just begun spending weekends at my new very old house in Litchfield County; every day there is an adventure, often full of ‘firsts’.

Recently I was told my property is connected to the Roxbury Land Trust – but really had little idea what that might mean.  With one of my regular ‘partners-in-crime’ – my brother Gary -we ventured into the woods at the back of my land to see what was there….



A Few Minutes of Glenn Gissler Reality TV!

Glenn Gissler - Blog - 2014 - Moving Truck - Gross & Daley
On moving day, five guys and a 27 foot moving truck arrived in Connecticut at my new very old house with a lot of stuff!

My friends Steve Gross & Sue Daley captured the spirit of the day in a short video; it is a little bit goofy, but take a look and enjoy some of the excitement!


My First (Ever!) Visit to Home Depot

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Now that I have dealt with the floors at my house, my next task was to venture into what for me is uncharted territory – the big box world of  HOME DEPOT!

I need a lot of stuff and wanted to go see what the offering were – who knew HD was sooo big, and they have sooo much stuff?  I guess pretty much everyone but me!


Cute Goats & Wide Plank Floors

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Make no mistake,  I have no intention of becoming a ‘Litchfield County Gentleman Farmer’, however there is a delightful gang of baby goats and a bunch of chickens at the local (and locally owned) service station; a stop there to say hello to my new friends is one the first things I do when I go to my new very old house.

I am anxious to spend the night in the country, but before I move anything into my new house (including me) I am refinishing the floors.  However, refinishing the floors is not a matter of a simple sand, stain and polyurethane.  The floors are not the tongue-in-groove floors I typically see in my New York City projects, there are an entirely different animal.  I need an expert… (more…)