Please STOP The Construction!

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I really enjoy projects that involve construction.

From the very beginning of my career a significant amount of my work has involved alterations, major renovations, or entirely new construction. I find the process, the opportunities, and the challenges invigorating!

In the case of a new loft near Lincoln Center I was able to see the apartment before the developer was finished with construction: I saw the many errors of their ways (plans & details) and their missed opportunities. I encouraged my new clients to ask the developers to stop the construction and purchase the apartment ‘as-is’.

They did!

This stealth move prevented wasted time having the developer build-out what we knew we didn’t want, and then remove it before we could start with our plans…


A ‘New’ Old House on a Pond

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Photo credit Gross & Daley

The initial telephone call inquired about my interest in working on a “home on a pond in Westchester”.

It was many months later the prospective clients came into NYC to meet with me to talk about their project.  As it turned out, while the site did overlook a pond, the pond was adjacent to the Long Island Sound and the very distinctive property had fantastic and dramatic water views!