Holiday Entertaining Magic!

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Entertaining friends and family over during the holidays can be a joyful experience.

Bringing a large evergreen tree inside, covering it with a bazillion lights and filling it with ornaments, helps to transform a home into a magical setting for entertaining – add a fire and everyone is truly transported!


In My Backyard: Glorious Food Shopping In Litchfield County

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“Good fences make good neighbors”

– Mending Wall, Robert Frost


While this saying has been integrated into the lexicon of contemporary culture, no one has addressed the question that logically follows: What then do FANTASTIC fences make?

For me, the answer is just over the hill from my still-pretty-new-very-old-house in Litchfield County at Maple Bank Farm.  And they are GREAT neighbors!

One of the oldest family-run-farms in the United States, Maple Bank has maintained a delightful farmstand since the 19th century, offering organic produce, dairy, meat and fresh baked goods. And it is less than two minutes away from my house…