Glenn Gets Galvanized (and a visit from Tom Luciano)

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Even at the one-year-anniversary-of-my-still-very old-house in Connecticut I continue to gear-up with more gear.

As you can see here, galvanized metal figures prominently in my weekends. Galvanized metal is an ‘old-school’ material, predating plastic, evoking ‘times gone by’ (and some of the products are still even made in America.)

The photo was taken on the front steps of my Greek Revival farmhouse documenting my new shiny and practical treasures by my long time friend – Tom Luciano – who among other things is a talented photographer.

Tom spent the weekend with me in Connecticut – I have much to share….


Inspiration in My Social Media Tribe – Photographers

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I like social media.

One of the primary reasons I like it so much is for the many very talented and interesting people I follow, individuals who provide a nearly endless stream of visual delights (I might be insatiable in that regard!)

In what will become a series of posts entitled Inspiration in My Social Media Tribe I’ll be sharing some of the remarkable people I follow on a variety of platforms – this post focuses on three photographers I think most everyone with a design-centric eye should be following…


Magic Happens in the Camera

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I love photography.

And I love working with photographers to shoot images (can we still call them ‘pictures’ in the digital age?) of my design projects.

I have had a long and fruitful collaborative working relationship with Steve Gross and Sue Daley, known as Gross & Daley, documenting completed, and more recently ‘in-process’ projects.

A couple of weeks ago Steve, Sue, me and Senior Designer Craig Strulovitz spent two days shooting photographs of a two bedroom apartment on Gramercy Park North….


What did YOUR childhood bedroom look like?

Glenn Gissler - Blog Glenn Gissler - Blog

Hang, 5 years old, attends boarding school in Bejing China

I  REALLY  like printed matter!

I am always on the lookout for books on interiors, photography, history, fashion, culture, art, architecture; places I have never been to, as well as ones I have.  

This seemingly insatiable pursuit over more than 30 years has resulted in my having an extensive library of printed matter. You can be sure that I will be sharing some of these books here in future posts.

Recently, I ran across something about a book entitled Where Children Sleep – it looked promising and without hesitation, I ordered it immediately…



The Perfect Book for a Holiday Gift 2013

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Some media forecasters predict that in the ‘future’, while we will still have printed matter, it will increasingly be seen as luxury goods – especially books.

For me, large format picture books have always been a luxury, a luxury that endures time.

I purchased a lot of books in 2013, and since the gift giving season is upon us, I wanted to share the one book that I would recommend as the perfect gift for yourself, or others who enjoy visual culture and armchair travels – Before They Pass Away.